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Decals 101: Waterslide Inkjet Paper

Completing projects is so much easier with a selection of decals at the waiting. Sourcing these is easy enough from the web and a general search for logos, sponsors and the like will quickly provide a plethora of choices.

Works in progress...

Using the winter months to great advantge, I have started several projects to reclaim bodies that I have had in my junk pile for decades.  These cars had several layers of paint or a few missing parts but I have used tips and tricks that I have picked up here ( and a few of my own tricks) to turn these bodies that were destined for the landfill into useable runner bodies.  Most of these need windows or other parts that I will most likely replicate or find suitable donor cars.  Of course I plan to detail most of these with either highlights or decals or both.


The Joy's and Tribulations

In an earlier blog post I had started working on an Avanti modified. Well guys, I got to the last stages and then ruined it to the point I will have to start over. Angel had discussed this in an earlier blog. I had indicated to him that patience was what was needed and to take the experience and learn from it. Well I guess I am going to have to take my own advice.