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Hello from Boise

My name is Gary Santa and I'm looking to start a HO racing club here in Boise ID. I started playing with little toy cars in 1964 with an Aurora set I got for Christmas. Gradually got into racing and won the NCC regional title in HO class. I've been part of several clubs over the years. I've seen what works and what doesn't. Unlimited racing programs will always fail as the cost gets out of control. I want to meet some folks who want to have FUN and perhaps start a racing series. I know there are private tracks like mine that people who enjoy this hobby, like myself, can share advice and experiences here in Boise. Last I heard the local track program failed a few years ago.

My track is 23.75' 4-lane affair with a variable 10 amp power supply wired for brakes. It's handling track with one 7' straight. I have Fray cars and magnet cars and would love to start a low key series of racing with like minded individuals.

How about it Treasure Valley?



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Welcome Gary!

Welcome Gary! Boise is a bit far from Raleigh but you are at home here nonetheless! God Bless! Tony mgbbrown

Always drink upstream from the herd. -Will Rogers

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Good Luck Gary!

Hopefully this posting will help your cause!  Let us know how you make out.


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Welcome Gary!!

Good to have you here. I would look forward to an article on starting a successful club. I'm not talking about generalities... I talking about specifics for those of us that might want to start a sucessful local club. Please consider this and again welcome.


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Welcome Gary from Daytona Beach, FL!!

  Hi Gary

My *history* in slot cars is somewhat similar to yours. I started in 1964 at Minks Model Raceway in Bloomington IL., and still enjoy the little cars. :) I too got my first set way back in '65, the big 4 lane set!! The club scene in the last 10 years have turned me off to the *big money/toy car - spy v spy* politics and racing. Thats why my wife & I built our layout, then *rescued a 6 lane tomy layout from the local raceway several years back.

We have a group of friends that from time to time come over and run. We run *like kind with like kind* (copper bottom Tjets/ JL/AW Tjets, A/FX non mag & mag, JL/AW XT's) and have a ball!  No tech, just fun runnin!  Myself and another racer have Garry Cullen *Micro Dynos* that we share with the others to let them have the same chance at tuning equipment as we do. I try and keep some extra *consumbales* available for everyone at what they cost me.  Our layouts are in our garage at home, and we keep it fun! Sometimes theres pizza for everyone, sometimes everyone kick a couple bucks in for burgers & hot dogs, always have sodas on hand for wveryone. The wife and I love havin a *fun & relaxed* atmosphere when friends come over to run. from time to time I cast bodies, another is a awesome painter, yet another will take a slug and really smooth it out and make a nice runnin chassis out of it. I guess what I'm tryin to say is we share our info to keep things close & competitive! I have a bumpersticker on a cabinet in my garage that says (and I'm cleaning this up for the kiddies) "If your gonna complain (replace complain with female animal), GO HOME!" When we do get together, its always a good time!


I'm very interested on reading your suggestions on how a enjoyable club should be run! Sone of the HO clubs here in FL seem to thrive on drama, and if you outrun them you *have to be cheating*. To me, that takes all the fun out of it. Thats why the wife and I just quit *club & local raceway* races and just have fun on our layouts at home with our friends :) Just a lil FYI, I very rarely ever *win* a race, but havin fun with friends is a *win* every time for the wife and I!


Best Regards from Daytona Beach!


ho saint
Successful Club Racing

Wow you could write a book on this subject but here are a few points. You gotta have the attitude that this is all for fun. Anyone not down with this concept, i.e., "I have to win at any cost.", should politely be asked not to return to the venue. This is already starting to appear negative but the real point is race with your friends and if they are not your friends make them your friends.

The next point is race with rules. Rules that define just how much tweaking is allowable for the close to stock classes being raced. If you know the rules you won't show up with stuff to race that's not keeping with the program.

There always seems to be the leader of the band who discusses with the club members what the agenda is. Stock? O.K. Unlimited Hydroplanes? O.K. Bottom line everybody is on the same page.

Probably the best deterent to cheating and unfair advantage is to put a price on the cars, e.g. $30 for a A/FX Mega G and any winner's car is available to buy after the race by any club member. You ain't gonna show up with a $40 armature in your supposed stock car knowing that I'm just gonna relieve you of that car cuz' that's what we all agreed upon.

Anyone reading this post and would like a successful model of a club should visit the HOser-slotcars website in South Dakota or on your very own computer.

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You Are Right Gary!

Gary; HOser's have one of the best clubs around, and obviously bent on having fun and enjoying the hobby. I like your idea of being able to purchase another member's car as it detatches the members from their own race creation and fosters honesty. Keeping things clean so that the younger set can participate would be a must. Having agreed upon rules and classes is also paramount. In the end-making new friends and enriching old ones is what a club is all about. I remember Serge telling me about either the FRAY or Front Range in Colorado showing folks the door who made competing less than fun-perhaps this should be a rule as well!  God Bless! Tony mgbbrown

Always drink upstream from the herd. -Will Rogers